• Huntsville, TX
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  • CMT

Project Case Study

South Residential Complex

Gessner Engineering provided concrete testing, soil compaction testing, and bolt inspections for steel connections for the South Residence Complex which consisted of a new building totaling approximately 47,600 square feet and surrounding site improvements. Testing included proof rolls of building subgrade; plasticity index determinations for select fill material verification; moisture density determinations for select fill material; eighteen (18) days of monitoring for in-place moisture density testing of building select fill material; field lime gradations of pavement subgrade material, moisture determinations for lime stabilized pavement subgrade, in-place moisture density testing of lime stabilized pavement subgrade, moisture density determination (Tex-113-E), sieve analysis (ASTM C136), and wet ball mill (Tex-116-E) for pavement flexible base; in-place moisture density testing of sidewalk pavement subgrade. Building concrete testing included approximately 200 sets of 4 cylinders cast throughout construction with 14 sets of three mortar/grout cubes and 10 sets of 3 mortar cubes. Site concrete included approximately 37 sets of 4 cylinders cast for concrete pavement, sidewalk stairs, sidewalks, and mechanical pad.