• Huntsville, TX
Services Provided
  • Civil
  • Geotechnical
  • Land Surveying

Project Case Study

Sam Houston State Sunrise Parking Lot

Gessner Engineering provided civil engineering, SWPPP, land surveying, and geotechnical engineering services for the demolition of the Sunrise Apartments and construction of a new parking lot. Gessner Engineering evaluated the site layout as provided by the architect as well as the site survey for conflicts and requirements and provided construction documents which outlined the required aspects of the civil engineering site elements coordinated with those documents to meet the requirements of the City of Huntsville.

Civil engineering services included site plan; site grading to meet standards of the ADA, Texas Accessibility Standards and to provide positive drainage throughout the site; drainage and detention design to meet requirements of Huntsville, Texas; design of utility services for wastewater, domestic water, and fire protection; and pavement design and joint layout based on the geotechnical recommendations for the site.

Geotechnical engineering included drilling two (2) test borings at the
selected locations within the project site to evaluate subsurface conditions and provide engineering analysis to develop design and construction recommendations with respect to site, subgrade, and fill preparation as well as pavement design and construction.

Land surveying included a boundary survey of the 2.0 acre site and topographic survey to identify elements for design and location purposes such as utilities, existing streets, parking areas, buildings, and other surface features.