• College Station, TX
Services Provided
  • Geotechnical

Project Case Study

Cain Hall Site Redevelopment

The Gessner Engineering geotechnical department worked on the Cain hall Site Redevelopment on the Texas A&M University campus. The project consisted of a five-story parking garage, thirteen-story hotel structure, and a new five-story Cain Hall structure. The parking garage had proposed spaces for 1,400 vehicles and had column loads up to 1,300 kips. The proposed hotel has 250 hotel rooms, with 70 additional condo spaces, and had column loads up to 1,700 kips. The geotechnical department drilled 16 borings to depths ranging from 60 to 100 ft to evaluate the soils and provide engineering recommendations for the proposed foundations. During discussions with the design team, we were able to minimize the earthwork needed for the parking garage to help reduce project costs. We were able to drill the site between August 8 and August 17 of 2015 and had the report sent out on September 14, 2015. Our quick turnaround allowed the design team to realize possible issues before they were too far into the design process.