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What we provide for you:

  • Training and continuing education.
  • Challenging projects.
  • A team approach to project management.
  • Leverage the latest technology.
  • Work in all aspects of project life cycle.
  • The ability to speak with confidence to clients.

Typical Duties:

  • Problem solver
    • Find solutions to problems
    • Determine better, more efficient processes
    • Continually working on efficiencies
    • Willing to learn new methods and techniques
    • Critical thinking
  • Self-starter
  • Interest in emerging technologies in AEC industry, hardware and software
  • Able to develop and adjust workflows to accomplish assigned tasks
  • Computer skills
    • Revit
    • Understanding of data processing
    • Ability to learn new software and methods
    • Understanding of coding and programming
  • Familiar with new technology
  • Good organization and record keeping


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